Posted 08 February 2005
November/December News Update

Despite variable weather in the lead-up to Christmas, the number of passengers traveling on our trains this season has exceeded last years total for the period.

The track team has replaced two worn rails in the yard. It is pleasing to see a few new faces on the team. After some hurried maintenance, we now have three operational prolines ready for the next project.

Regauging a section of the recently reopened road crossing.

Regauging a section of the recently reopened road crossing.

After a short delay while the necessary materials were sourced, fabrication for the new steam T for locomotive A67 is now complete. Fitting the new component in the confines of the cramped and dirty smoke box is posing a few challenges but we are confident the locomotive will be back running soon.

Our second steam locomotive, the Kerr Stuart has had its defective regulator machined and refitted. The loose wheel was removed from the axle to allow a full evaluation of the situation and a funding application has been made to try to secure sufficient funds to return the locomotive to service.

The numerous pieces of timber and bolts that have been on hand for the No 2 end of T175 have finally been assembled, taking this project one step closer to completion. Much of the rust and flaking paint on the B side of the wagon has been removed and is currently in primer.

K610, our 1897 box wagon, has received more filler to remedy the multitude of cracks, splits and scrapes on the interior lining. A start has been made on sanding the ceiling and the door has received its refurbished guides and a coat of specially tinted (to maintain authenticity) paint on the back lining. New draft strips and steelwork are ready for fitting. Both this project and cattle wagon T175 have received funding from the Lotteries Environment and Heritage Fund which is going to help enormously in the coming months.

Carvan Af 874 required a new pane of glass to be fitted to one of the guards van lookouts after the old one was accidentally broken. Fortunately we had a spare pane so the only cost was the time involved.

An exciting development is that Hunslett DSA 252 employed for many years at the former Waitaki Burnside freezing works is to be loaned to Ocean Beach. The locomotive is in good order although it is currently stored out of use at the PPCS Silverstream plant. It is hoped to have it operating at Ocean Beach soon, creating a new experience for members and visitors alike.

Soon to arrive on the OBR is this Hunslett DSA No 252.

Soon to arrive on the OBR is this Hunslett DSA No 252.

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