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Typical Employment Law Cases in Brisbane and Australia

In 2013 there were 2,079,666 actively trading businesses in Australia. Brisbane is one of the biggest cities in Australia with high employment in the areas of health and social services. 

From time to time most businesses will require the advice of a legal expert. Business lawyers in Brisbane provide legal advice to leading national corporations, banks, statutory bodies and the general public.  

For those businesses who employ staff the majority legal advice they need is typically focused on Employment Law. 

In this article we briefly outline what the Employment Law is and how a business lawyer can help both employers and employees, to navigate this complex area of law. 

The Australian Employment Law serves as complete independent aspect of the legal system set up with the sole intention of protecting employees from their employers. The law comprises of standards for treatment which should be followed by employers. 

The law safeguards employees from all kinds of discrimination in terms of race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation etc by their employers.

Some of the instances where you may need legal advice relating to employment law include: 

i.        When taking disciplinary measures against another member of staff

ii.        Dismissal of a staff member 

iii.       Drafting of employment contracts

vi.       Helping to solve issues with the workers union preventing industrial action    

vii.      Health and Safety              

I'm an Employer- how can I make sure I adhere to the law?

If you employ staff in your business all documentation such as contracts, policies and staff manuals need to meet the legal requirements stipulated in Australia's employment law. 

A specialist employment lawyer can help you by drafting tailor made employment contracts and advising on any relevant legal matters relating to your industry. 

In the event that any problems arise with an employee your lawyer will be crucial in negotiating a resolution or, ultimately, representing your interests in court in the event of a claim by your employee.

If you are an Employee how can you get help?

If you are an employee there may come a time when you feel you have been unfairly dismissed or are owed money from a former employer. To pursue any claims you will need the services and skills of a business lawyer. 

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